The Sablono platform in Version 2.44 is available now! It comes with major improvements of Sablono’s scheduling engine and prepares the web-app for its big 3.0 release planned for the next month.

The newest features are:

  • You can set up a planned start and end date for your projects now. Do so in the Project Settings or while creating new projects.
  • You can choose between two available scheduling modes now: Auto and manual scheduling.
  • Manual scheduling works exactly as Sablono worked until today – Activities are automatically scheduled for each Deliverable separately. Deliverable start and due dates are kept, while dependencies between different deliverables do not effect your project schedule.
  • Auto scheduling includes dependencies between different deliverables and automatically schedules your project based on those.
  • Therefore, it is finally possible to use Sablono for all CPM and scheduling related calculations – no other scheduling tool needed anymore!
  • If you are running your project in auto scheduling, you will encounter a new notification: Since the recalculating of your whole project schedule might take a while, it will not be done automatically with every little change you do. Some minor updates will be collected and incorporated into the programme once you request Sablono to do so.


Also, we solved some minor bugs:

  • A problem has been resolved which could lead to loading a different tab in the deliverables Details View after switching to another deliverable.
  • You can sort your project on the Project Selection page by planned start date now.
  • The way you sorted your projects will now be saved for multiple sessions.