Version 2.36 of the Sablono platform is up and running. The release brings some more options for the Request for Update as well as some further improvements for the Week Plan.

The newest features are:

  • Your superior requested an update from you wanting to know what’s the state on the deliverables you were supposed to work on? You did not work on them but worked on others for reasons only you know?
  • No problem! Just use the new option on the Request for Update page and report progress for deliverables which are not part of the list your superior created.


Also, we introduced some improvements:

  • Once you filter the Week Plan for a specific team you will only see deliverables which include activities for that team in the currently displayed week. This will make the Week Plan a lot more handy!
  • A problem has been solved which could lead to you not seeing activities assigned to ‘everybody in the project’ when looking at a specific teams activities in the Week Plan.