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Sablono – Predictable Projects

Working in a start-up, it feels only natural and understandable when friends or potential business partners tend to ask, “what does your company do?”. Most of the times you answer those questions explaining your vision or at least parts of it. Let’s give it a try:What...

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Multilingual project teams and deliverable updates

Sablono 2.14.2 was released! From now on even multilingual project teams can easily collaborate using the Sablono platform. Furthermore you can now update deliverables which were imported from Excel lists to the newest version of that lists. The whole update procedure...

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Import updated schedules to Sablono

Sablono 2.12.1 was released! Continue reading if you want to know more about the new possibilities to update your Sablono project to the newest version of your schedule. Since Sablono 2.11 was released, you are able to import your schedule not only from Microsoft...

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