Sablono 2.12.1 was released! Continue reading if you want to know more about the new possibilities to update your Sablono project to the newest version of your schedule.

Since Sablono 2.11 was released, you are able to import your schedule not only from Microsoft Project but also from Asta Powerproject or Oracle Primavera. Using the Sablono Inspect App you may document the progress of your project afterwards. The information collected can then be exported from Sablono again to be used in your scheduling tool.

To make the integration of Sablono into your very personal workflow even more seamlessly the newest version of the platform now offers the possibility update your Sablono project to the newest version of your schedule. To do this, you just have to import your schedule a second time – everything else will be done automatically by Sablono.

While updating your project new tasks can be created on the platform, existing ones can be updated, deleted and the structure of your project can be changed. Rest assured: No information will be deleted from the platform without asking you first. Documented progress, claims or obstructions, as well as already assigned templates will be kept definitely!

For example: You created a first version of the schedule for your construction project using Microsoft Project and imported it to Sablono. While your partners are inspecting on site, you are updating the Microsoft Project schedule based on the information they provide. As time is going by the version of your schedule in Microsoft Project will differ from the one on the Sablono platform more and more. Since you don’t want to do the same work twice, you should simply update your Sablono project by importing the newest version of your schedule a 2nd (3rd, …) time. Afterwards the schedule on the platform will show the same data as the one you created in Microsoft Project.

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