Last Thursday Sablono invited project managers and officers from construction companies, general planners and project management companies to the networking event “DIE DIGITALE BAUSTELLE” (the digital construction site) at the CODE_Spaces in Stuttgart. Despite the high summer temperatures, 50 participants followed the invitation and participated very actively in a moderated discussion on the ongoing digitization of construction management.

To get the discussion going, three innovative minds started presenting an insight into the everyday digital work of their companies. First, Christoph Hofmeister took the stage and gave a presentation about “The digitization of component tracking”. Hofmeister is working as a Commercial Project Manager and Planning Assistent at Waagner-Biro Stahlbau AG in Vienna. He presented the significant benefits his company gains since they started the digital tracking of prefabricated deliverables – from production at the factory to installation on site – using QR-codes.

During the second presentation Julian Karcher, Site Manager at Dreßler Bau GmbH, explained how his company is combining mobile controlling software with the approach and principles of  lean construction. Based on a reference project – Campus Gardens in Heidelberg – Mr. Karcher explained why he thinks digital progress documentation is mandatory to control a site to continuously improve the construction process.

After a concluding presentation about the Sablono Platform held by CEO Lukas Olbrich the networking event evolved towards the relaxed part of the evening. With cool drinks and tasty snacks, the attendees socialized, discussed projects, software solutions and possible future cooperation.

The whole evening in Stuttgart has demonstrated once again how huge the potential of the construction industry and its processes towards a more and more digitized industry is. Players involved in this process are looking for opportunities to connect and share experiences with like-minded partners. One more reason for Sablono to repeat this evening and continue “DIE DIGITALE BAUSTELLE” as an event series. More information on this will follow shortly.